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MEDICAL FAIR INDIA continues on course for growth

MEDICAL FAIR INDIA continues on course for growth

Quality and quantity of visitors makes for high spirits among exhibitors

MEDICAL FAIR INDIA, India’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Hospitals, Health
Centres and Clinics, impressively continues its rate of growth and keeps
pace with the positive trend in the industry. This conclusion can be drawn
from the successful course of MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 in Mumbai. 16 –
18 March saw 12,350 trade visitors come to the Bombay Convention &
Exhibition Centre to learn from 551 exhibitors about innovations for health
care and current trends.

“This means that the number of visitors has gone up yet again by 15%
compared to the event at the same location two years before. In interviews
exhibitors said they were very satisfied with the quality of visitors and their
demands,” explains Thomas Schlitt, Managing Director at Messe Düsseldorf
India, and adds: “Rising incomes, population growth and increasing health
consciousness all result in steady market growth and a call for improved
health care. This is also reflected by the development of MEDICAL FAIR
INDIA. It is not only a platform for supply and demand. It is also about joint
ventures for product development, manufacturing and sales.”

Since there are currently only about 60 national medical device technology
producers, the majority of products and technologies for medical needs are
imported. This opens up excellent business opportunities for multi-national
vendors. At the same time, there is a need for them to closely cooperate
with Indian partners so as to rise to the challenges specific to the Indian
market in an optimal way. Underlining this on behalf of many exhibitors,
Simon Bensassi, International Sales Director of Surgival from Spain, said:
“This was the first time we have participated at MEDICAL FAIR INDIA. We
have reached many high-quality visitors. What was especially important to us was gaining insights into the Indian market. Who are the decisionmakers?
What about the government and what about pricing? How much is
invested and where? These were questions we had interesting
conversations about.”

Brian Krawczyk, Director of Global Business Development at VIA Global
Health (USA), also believes his company has achieved the aims it set itself
for participation at the trade fair: “To us this was an extremely useful event
for finding good distribution partners in India.” John Mason, Sales Director at
Seers Medical (Great Britain), shares his view: “There was a very good
mixture of visitors from both private and public health care. Visitors come
from all over the country. We will also be taking part in MEDICAL FAIR
INDIA 2019 in New Delhi.”

Also taking positive stock was the Brazilian manufacturers’ association
ABIMO. Karina Yamamoto (Trade Promotion Coordinator) emphasised:
“The Indian market is developing at warp speed and it is very important for
us to get a foot in the door here and learn to understand the market. In
addition to Indian visitors we also succeeded in making contacts in
Bangladesh, China and even Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.”

Again, the integral programme components of the trade fair made MEDICAL
FAIR INDIA 2018 even more attractive for visitors. Worth mentioning here is
CLIN LAB INDIA, a conference with exhibition organised by Scherago and
Messe Düsseldorf India; in terms of content it focuses on molecular
diagnostics, point-of-care applications and immune-biological laboratory
medicine. The increasing digitalisation of medicine was centre stage at the
‘International Conference on Digital Health and Medical Equipment’ by
Voice of Healthcare and the Lounge Area ‘FTR4H’ (Future for Health)
played a prominent role within the trade fair as a platform for the creative
start-up community. Here the discussions related to presentations and brief
lectures revolved around sounding out the market relevance and maturity of
innovations and placing young entrepreneurs with potential business

MEDICAL FAIR INDIA is held alternately at venues in Mumbai and New
Delhi every year. Focal ranges include: medical products and medical
device technology, laboratory technology and diagnostics, equipment and
furnishings plus furniture for hospitals and health centres and the global
trend areas of Health IT and Mobile Health solutions, to name but a few

The target group encompasses decision-makers from the medical field
(such as physicians and medical professionals), hospital managers as well
as representatives from the medical trade and industry. Due to its spectrum
of topics covered the event is equally attractive for architects and building
planners, for enterprise consultants or for the scientific and research

The next MEDICAL FAIR INDIA will be held from 21 to 23 February 2019 –
in keeping with the schedule – in New Delhi, at the Pragati Exhibition

All details relating to MEDICAL FAIR INDIA are available online at:

MEDICAL FAIR INDIA is a trade fair in the product family MEDICAlliance. It
is held by Messe Düsseldorf India, a subsidiary of Messe Düsseldorf, and
takes place in close cooperation with the team of Düsseldorf’s leading
global trade fair MEDICA. All the facts, figures and information on
MEDICAlliance trade fairs are available online at

Contact for exhibitors:
Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
Paolo Bonvecchio / Isabel Hosters
Tel. +49 (0)211-4560-483/ -165

Messe Düsseldorf India Pvt. Ltd.
Love Bhardwaj / Akshi Chawla
Tel: +91(0)11-4855-0061/ -0067

Press contact:
Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
Martin-Ulf Koch / Larissa Browa
Tel. +49(0)211/4560-444/ -549

Düsseldorf, 26 March 2018

Other exhibitor testimonials for MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018
Alvin Wong, Sales Team Yuwell Medical Group (China):
“We have already taken part in MEDICAL FAIR INDIA several times now. The
quality of buyers has risen constantly and we perceive an increasing demand for
high-quality to high-end solutions. Price is no longer the only decisive factor in
negotiations. We are satisfied with the organisation of the event overall and the
quality of visitors.”

Philip McKee, Sales Manager Biopanda Reagents (Great Britain):
“MEDICAL FAIR INDIA has exceeded our expectations. In the conversations at the
stand we have learnt a lot about the Indian market. There is great potential and we
actually need a complete sales team just for India.”

Y. Xiao Feng, Sales Director Jiecang Linear Motion (China):
“The trade fair proved to be very successful for us. We welcomed many new
customers to our stand and had very good conversations. Just as top-notch is the
organisation of the trade fair.”

Natália Barros, Export Analyst Ortho Pauher (Brazil):
“We succeeded in achieving our trade fair targets and made numerous interesting
contacts. Now we are excited to see what will come of it.”

Jose O. Flosi, Export Manager Fanem (Brazil):
“To us MEDICAL FAIR INDIA is important to present ourselves in India and to also
see how our competitors are pitching themselves.”

Kedar Medhi, Innovation Lead Bangalore Hub Philips HealthWorks (India)
"Our partnership with ‘FTR4H@Mumbai’ provided an opportunity to swop ideas with
pioneers in Digital Health. The interaction with start-up entrepreneurs and players
serving as a bridge for the exchange between companies, universities and mentors
made for an exciting dialogue on current trends and projects.”

press release 26/04/2018