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MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 in Mumbai: Positive market prospects are boosting demand for bookings

MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 in Mumbai: Positive market prospects are boosting demand for bookings

Working in close cooperation with the Messe Düsseldorf Group and other event partners, Messe Düsseldorf India started the planning phase for the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 in Mumbai immediately after the successful MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017. This year’s three-day event finished in New Delhi on 8 April, having attracted 13,480 trade visitors and 519 exhibitors. Exhibitors' registrations for the 24th edition of this leading medical tradeshow on the Indian market are now being received in large numbers. The MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 will be held at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre from 16 to 18 March next year.

India is one of the world’s most promising markets for medical devices and medical engineering. Health spendings in India currently run to just over $160 billion, and further growth is expected by 2020, when it will reach nearly $300 billion. The medical devices market has been estimated at approximately $8 billion, with an import share of 50%. Interest in health IT is equally buoyant on the Indian market and has been estimated at over $2.5 billion (Deloitte). Companies wanting to benefit from this promising environment and recent developments will find that the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA – the country's leading national medical trade fair, established in 1990 – is a top platform for accessing the Indian market.

The European stand, which had its première in 2017, was so much in demand that it will be expanded considerably next year. It provides a joint inexpensive exhibition space, managed by Messe Düsseldorf, where companies from European countries can present their products to the Indian market and benefit from a range of services.

One major component of the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 in Mumbai will be CLIN LAB INDIA again, after the good reception of its première among visitors and attracting much attention in 2017. The conference, jointly organised by Scherago and Messe Düsseldorf India, will follow the trend in focusing on lab medicine. It will also be accompanied by an exhibition. Moreover, as there has been so much demand for bookings, the exhibition space will be expanded by more than half its former size, reaching over 500 square metres.

Another major point of attraction at the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 will be a lounge area and conference session entitled "Future for Health". Both will focus on digitisation in medicine, mobile applications and medical apps.

For the first time there will also be a hotspot – a space with the emphasis on products connected with rehabilitation and nursing care. India, too, has an ageing population, so that this subject is just as relevant here as it is elsewhere.

Year on year, the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA alternates between two venues: New Delhi and Mumbai. Focal areas include medical devices and engineering, lab technology, equipment and diagnostics, furnishings and equipment for hospitals and health centres as well as mobile health solutions and health IT, two areas which are currently attracting considerable attention throughout the world.

The focal areas of the event are intended for decision-makers in the medical field (e.g. doctors and healthcare professionals) as well as senior management at hospitals. However, they will be equally relevant to architects, building planners, management consultants and those in research and development.

All the information about MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 is available online, e.g. on participation as an exhibitor:

MEDICAL FAIR INDIA is a trade fair in the product family World of MEDICA. It is held by Messe Düsseldorf India, a subsidiary of Messe Düsseldorf, and takes place in close cooperation with the team of Düsseldorf’s leading global trade fair MEDICA. All the facts, figures and information on World of MEDICA trade fairs are available online at

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Düsseldorf, 26 July 2017

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